Her obsequies have been as for enlarged As we have warrantise.

Why is this guy called the First Priest? No other priest speaks in this scene. There is no mention of a second priest in the stage directions.

In other situations when there is only one of a kind of character speaking, he is just sailor or gentleman. One would think this priest would just be PRIEST. But he is FIRST PRIEST.

And his language is VERY overblown and obfuscating. I can see why Claudius might choose him for such an event. He’s a little Polonius-like. I mean, to say “obsequies” when Laertes has been asking for “ceremony” is just the beginning. Enlarged and warrantise are equally inflating. And then he goes on to be a real dick a few lines later – which maybe people miss because his language is so self obfuscating.

What’s funny though is that the language gets crystal clear when he’s at his worst. “Shards, flints and pebbles should be thrown on her” is perfectly direct…but then he gets arch again immediately after.


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