Throws up another skull.

Boy, this guy has a serious condition if he keeps throwing up skulls. Maybe he is part owl? Owls will throw up the bones of their prey in little balls of organic matter. They spit up the skulls of mice and smaller birds and voles and snakes and so on.

I don’t get the sense, though, that they’d eat more than one at a time – that there would be a torrent of small animal skulls. But I don’t know, of course, I don’t know.

Throws up a skull.

Throws up a skull.
I mean if ever a line was made for a gif – it’s this.
I want the gravedigger to vomit a skull.
I mean – that’s the thing with these stage directions. Only a handful were written by Shakespeare himself – or the original printers of the plays.
Is this one? I would be surprised if it was but…as it is…
Just picture someone vomiting a skull. It’s clearly not what’s happening here. It’s just that an editor has felt that it may not be obvious to the reader what Hamlet is referring to and so invents a stage direction that brings the skull into it.
But here we see the way language can confuse. S/he means that a skull comes out of the grave in some way, either in the hand of the gravedigger or on his shovel or flying out in a spray of dirt. But instead it’s possible to see this in exactly the wrong way as a puking gravedigger. Throwing up bones like an owl does.