They say they have letters for you.

I enjoy the extra bit of information embedded in “They say they have letters for you.” This makes it clear that they are not showing them. They’ve got them secreted away somewhere.

Or it’s evidence that the servant can’t read and doesn’t trust the report on any piece of paper.

I mean…”They have letters for you” is the heart of the information. We don’t need “They say” – but the “They Say” gives us a reason to be suspicious, for whatever reason. It creates a bit of suspense, perhaps.

Sailors, sir.

There’s something about sailors that is just sexier than other jobs. Like, if Horatio asked “What are they?” and the servant said “Bankers, sir.” Uhh…No Thanks.
“Lawyers, sir.”
“Teachers, sir.”
“Soldiers, sir.”
I mean, there is not one another professional title that has the sex appeal of sailors. I’ve always found the idea of architects sexy – but I’m not sure I’d be too excited about a bunch of architects at the door.
Likewise with painters – another profession I have historically responded to.
“Painters, sir.” It’s gonna sound like they’re there to re-decorate.