Let her come in.

It is curious that the Danes are so keen to let a crazy woman in to the chamber with their selected monarch and the man they hope he will depose.
A strategic mind would, of course, send her in, in hopes that it would aggravate the case. A strategic mind would recognize the crazy woman as Ophelia and expect that the crazy Ophelia would further enrage Laertes. A strategic mind would absolutely think that this would be end of Claudius.
But these are “The Danes.”
They are a crowd.
They’re a crowd that just broke some doors down.
Can they think strategically?

Someone out there must be thinking. This makes me wonder who out there COULD be thinking and inciting a crowd to send Ophelia in.
Who is left to be the Machiavelli outside the door? And who would be invested in seeing Laertes take Claudius out? Is it Horatio? Is he out there causing trouble?

We will, we will.

The repetition here is interesting. Why twice? Is the angry mob trying to convince itself that they really will go back out and leave Laertes alone? I mean – they can’t entirely be sure this is a good idea, can they? Their adrenaline is up. They just broke through a door. Leave? Ohhhh. Uh.
We will. (I guess.) We will.

No, let’s come in.

The crowd is powerful. They’ve broken the doors. They have a taste of what might be possible. They could do any number of things that were normally outside their realm of possibility. They’ve just fought their way through the palace, probably past a lot of guards. Odds are good they’ve killed or wounded some people to get there. This is probably their first time in the place. They’re seeing things they’ve never seen before – and not just seeing the palace on a nice guarded tour but with their own authority. They are claiming each room they move to as theirs as they go. They take possession and keep pushing forward. And here they are in what may be a particularly intimate royal chamber or even a throne room. They are at the heart of the seat of power and they are vibrating with their own power. To leave now —well, it halts the progression, the build – what will they do with the adrenaline surge if they can’t come in and kill the entire royal family?