Her death was doubtful.

As Gertrude described it, Ophelia’s death sounds entirely like an accident – like a mad woman falling into a creek and not having enough sense to climb back out. There’s nothing in that speech that suggests Ophelia meant to off herself. She doesn’t fill her pockets with stones and wade into the water; she frolics around hanging wreathes on trees, falls in the water and just floats, and sings while she floats, and then she sinks.
Is Gertrude telling the truth? If she is – this whole “doubtful”ness of the death is bullshit.
If she isn’t – and she has quite a few reasons NOT to tell the truth – then we have to imagine an entirely different image for Ophelia’s last moments. If the priest is convinced she killed herself, she must have put some stones in her pockets, declared she was done with the world and either jumped or waded in.
And no one trying to kill themselves just floats around waiting to die. So the paintings of Ophelia are Gertrude’s painted image of the death, not what actually happened to her.
And what HAPPENED to those guys who were supposed to follow her?
Is it their fault?

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