But let him come;

Ever since I donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center, I have been subscribed to their publications. The Intelligence Report featured so many articles about hate groups – because one of the things they do is monitor them. One of the articles featured a guy who’d been undercover with the FBI in one of these groups and he said it was important to just let them spew forth in whatever corner they hung out in because it was when they felt their spewing forth was limited that they began to want to get guns and get violent. His advice was to let them go a little bit so that they would not let go a LOT.

The other thing I learned was about a march slated for a post-election KKK celebration. Apparently, they planned to march down the main street of some town, loud and proud of their hateful heritage. Counter protesters amassed great crowds to minimize the impact. But when the time came, two of the leaders ended up in prison after coming to blows among themselves and the march ended up as a quick drive down the street, in trucks with confederate flags on them. In the end, the counter protest was much bigger and the hate march was laughable. The article in the Intelligence Report called them Ku Klux Clowns. No disrespect to clowns – but the KKK, when given the space to clown themselves, did a rather good job of it. Free speech and the right to assemble gave them space to make fools of themselves. Maybe the thing to do is to let them come and then laugh at them.

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