It warms the very sickness in my heart, That I shall live and tell him to his teeth, ‘Thus didest thou.”

Heads up – I wrote this two years ago. This news is old. But the darkness in it remains the same. Luckily, I still have health care. And so do lots of other people, still. For now. The fight continues.

My actual sickness is in my head, where the climate is stormy and cloudy most of the time. And today I also have a sickness in my heart because I saw the news. And the news tells us that our governmental body has voted to kill all our health care. It is, by most accounts, a cruel piece of legislation which will likely result in 24 million people losing their healthcare. I may be among them. And the fact that people with immense privilege can play dominoes with our health care – well, it does not instill much confidence in our future. I feel despair thinking about the callousness that must exist in these folks to be so cavalier with all of our health.

One representative is reported to have said if you’ve lived a good life, you won’t need health care. He makes plain an underlying idea that somehow illness is a moral failing – that anyone who gets cancer, for example, deserves it for some reason.
No one deserves it. Although there would be a kind of beautiful irony if that guy got it.


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