and what judgement Would step from this to this?

Probably a very sound one.
Probably one that would prefer to keep her head on, and her clothes on her back and her position in the court and her lifestyle in tact.
The more I learn about royal marriages the less sense it makes to think of them as having any connection at all to love or lust. Trouble would tend to ensue when such things intruded on the marriages of monarchs – as Henry the VIII’s reign might testify to.
Given the limited options open to women – they had to make some very calculating decisions about this one thing – as this one thing might become the ONLY thing they had a choice about. You choose this and all other choices immediately follow on from it.

You gotta be savvy if you’re going to survive the royal monarchy.
Not that Gertrude survives in the end.
But since pretty much no one does, I’m not sure this particular judgment before the play is the cause.


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