It’s humble, And waits upon the judgement;

I don’t know if the heyday in the blood gets humble exactly. I don’t sense that it’s sitting in the background, waiting, looking at judgment, going, “No, no, I’m good. You go first.”
I think it’s more like, as time goes by, judgment gets smarter and stronger and cagier at keeping the heyday in check. The heyday still leaps up everytime it sees something it likes: “Oh – that person is hot! That person gave me a look that went straight to the center of my heyday! Those nice words feel good. Let’s go!”
But judgment learns to step in and say, “You know what? I acknowledge your interest in that person. I can see that you would very much like to get out and run free on this. But – let’s recall our circumstances… let’s recall the last person who charmed us like that…Let’s recall previous experiences.”
It’s not as though one necessarily stops lusting after unsuitable people … it’s that we learn how to recognize their unsuitability, along with the attraction.


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