O, such a deed As from the body of contraction plucks The very soul, and sweet religion makes A rhapsody of words!

See now – I think a rhapsody of words sounds pretty good. If someone described a poem I wrote as a rhapsody of words, I’d be flattered. It sounds like a sensual journey with language, an ecstatic experience. But of course Hamlet cannot mean that here. Context is enough to tell that. Genius suggests that a rhapsody, in this case, is a jumble. In which case, it might not be so nice.
I like, though, the imagery of words getting all mixed up just simply due to one woman’s vow. I mean – such power! As if all the oaths got together, hanging out at the oath conference (AKA the Body of Contraction AKA contracts) and then Gertrude’s wedding oath shows up and they start to riot – ripping one another apart until you could not tell one from another. Total word pandemonium.


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