takes off the rose From the fair forehead of an innocent love And sets a blister there

Is this blister meant to suggest some kind of STD?
Is it syphilis that gives you blisters?
I mean I suppose this is a classic horror genre metaphor. You show us a sweet fresh-faced girl, all white dresses and sunny rosy disposition, wearing a flower on her brow (what is it, like a headband with a flower or something?) and you go in for a tender kiss, brush the flower aside and BLAMMO! Horrible festering sore right underneath.
And then, to really push the idea to its logical conclusion, she should open her mouth and have, like, spiders pour out of it – because really, she’s dead. She’s a zombie. A demon. All wrapped up in a pretty package.
It’s not, like, just that the sweet little girl had some clarifying headgear that gave her a forehead blister under that flower. No…it’s…horrible! The worst! A blister! On her FACE!


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