Calls virtue hypocrite;

That’s the thing, though, isn’t it?
The people who bang on and on about virtues (or in this day and age, they say, “Values”)
Those people are almost always the ones who prove to be hypocrites.
The ones who shout about purity are never pure.
The pure don’t need to talk about it.
If you’re concerned with other people’s virtues, generally it’s because the state of your own are so compromised you have to put up a big loud smokescreen.

I saw a headline recently that revealed that a loud and blustery anti-gay politician was caught trolling for young men. (Suffice it to say, he was a man himself and therefore exhibiting the very trait he had so denigrated in others.)
Generally if someone is obsessed with some kind of “virtue,” I just assume they do not possess it and very possibly and probably, posses its shadow side – its vice.


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