My stronger guilt defeats my strong intent, And like a man to double business bound, I stand in pause where I shall first begin, And both neglect.

Double Business Binding
is a syndrome I know well.
It is as familiar as breathing
– to feel pulled in two directions at once
– to know I need to do one thing
and simultaneously another
and while I stand there looking between them
trying to decide which one to do first
I lose the name of action
and neither one gets done.

If I had a publishing company
I’d call it Double Business Binding.

And now when I’m paralyzed between paths of action,
I will name it Double Business.
I will say to myself, as my head looks first at one, then the other,
“Ah, it’s Double Business.”
And perhaps it will help me choose.

Double Business also makes me think of this idea we talk about a lot in Feldenkrais wherein we try to do two things at once in the body, often in contrary ways. So while I want to reach forward with the arm, I end up pulling myself back with the pelvis – therefore creating two contradictory movements. Double business – going forward and going back.

In Feldenkrais, we call it cross motivation – but now I will call it Double Business and somehow that will make it easier. How, I’m not sure. But it will. Maybe I’ll just geek out and quote this line the next time I teach a Feldenkrais class – colliding my worlds!


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