Pray can I not, though inclination be as sharp as will.

I can’t really pray either
but in my case, the inclination is not so sharp.
The closest I get is the occasional, “Please, could I get this thing I want?” or
“Please can I avoid this impending thing?”
But I’m not sure that’s really prayer
particularly since it’s not to anyone in particular.
It’s just a general (probably) fruitless bargaining with the universe.
But – maybe that’s how religion got invented.
From general pleading for things to go our way.

I listened to a story told by a guy who grew up religious and then began to question. He talked about how he couldn’t talk with his parents about anything because the first thing they always said was, “Have you prayed about it?”
He said he said, “Let’s assume I HAVE. What’s the next step? What steps can I actually take to fix this thing? What would you do in my situation?”
And his parents’ only answer was prayer.
Poor guy was in a little bit of a similar situation as Claudius but for a very different reason. The impulse to pray being deeply embedded in him but at a certain point, no longer useful.


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