What if this curséd hand Were thicker than itself with brother’s blood, Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens To wash it white as snow?

So we’ve got a curséd hand here, the hand of the king.
The proposition is that blood on the hand is thicker than the hand itself.
That it is, let’s say, twice as big as the hand.
Like, if you took the brother’s blood and pressed it into a hand shape, then put the hand made of blood next to the king’s curséd hand, the hand made of blood would be bigger.

But, we know, of course, that the hand is curséd because it is already covered in his brother’s blood, metaphorically – so the actual proposition here is that there’s more layers of metaphorical blood than there already are.

Maybe the idea is that it’s more than one brother’s blood – layering one after the other – making him an even worse murderer than he already is
and the idea being that, even if he were the shittiest shitty brother murderer, there’d still be enough heavenly mercy in the form of metaphorical rain, to be forgiven.

Which is a nice perk of believing in this sort of thing, especially if you’re a murderer.


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