You nickname God’s creatures and make your wantoness your ignorance.

This isn’t explicit in the text but for me, this alludes to a kind of cutesiness – a little girl persona that pretends that everything is so adorable and slips into the pose of a finger on her lower lip, a head tilt to the side and a disingenuous “I don’t know” in a small baby voice when asked a question.
I’m not keen on all the misogyny in this play and in this scene especially but I confess to hate this type as much as Hamlet seems to. Girls trying to seem cute and adorable make my skin crawl. They make me want to shake them and say, “Grow some ovaries, girl, and be a damn woman.”
Our culture is always telling boys to grow up and be a man. We should probably quit doing that or popularize the same for ladies.
First up to get some womanly arts: Ophelia.


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