Go to, I’ll no more on’t.

I’ve mostly moved away from teaching young people. These last two days, I’ve been back in the teaching trenches.I wondered, when I stepped away from it, if I would miss it. I thought maybe I was just burned out – depleted from all the conditions surrounding the work – but given some time away, I would perhaps find my love of it again.

Turns out, I haven’t. Turns out, I’d be very happy to leave it behind me entirely. At least that’s what today’s classes seemed to show me. Two out of three classes were great, ideal examples of the form and its possibilities – but that third one kicked my ass and I suspect that even if it had been GREAT, I wouldn’t be sitting here wondering if I should get back into classrooms on a regular basis. 
No, I don’t miss it one bit. I’d like to find my work in studios now, in quiet places, with quiet people, making art and not discipline.
Teaching in school? Go to, go to. I’ll no more on’t.

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