Mad let us grant him then.

What a lovely grant! Did Hamlet have to fill out a 14 page application in triplicate to get this one?
Dear granting committee, please can you give me some madness?
Here are the other grants I’m applying for (craziness, insanity, twitchiness, anxiety) so you won’t be the sole supporter. If you give me this madness, I will fulfill the foundation’s mission and be a fully granted madman.
Here’s evidence for my previous experience with madness and why I think I deserve to be mad. Also, included – my CV (Prince of Denmark; Student at University of Wittenberg) and personal statement (Actually a lot more questions, then statements.)

But seriously, I had never put together the way grants and granting and “I grant you” and “Let us grant him” and such were all connected. What was the first usage of grants? Was it first a verb? When did it become a noun? And when did the gifting of grants – as in, “I grant you clemency, freedom or this sack of money” become granting small amounts of money as a reward for mounds of paperwork?

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