But farewell it; for I will use no art.

I must be an addict because I could not forswear the use of art. Farewell to art? Not possible. I wish it were sometimes. Certainly, my addiction has led to a lot of choices that might be thought foolish or impossibly, stupidly risky. I have lost friends to art.
Have you seen these ads?
Art is definitely habit forming. The high it gives you when you first start, the way you have to keep doing it, more and more to increase the intensity of experience. It can leave you broke and friendless. It can send you to neighborhoods you would never otherwise enter. It can lead you to associate with unsavory characters. Even if you end up at rock bottom, staring at the nothing art has left you with, you will look to art to set you free. Just one more shot of art – maybe this time art will save me.


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