a kind of Yesty collection, which carries them through and Through the most fond and winnowed opinions, and do But blow them to their trial, the bubbles are out.

Yesty is interesting. It would seem to be connected to Yeasty – which I suppose calls to mind a self-expanding substance that pushes itself into any empty space. But Yesty has a big YES in it as in a Yes Man saying yes no matter what is presented to him, which also rather neatly represents Osric. He is both Yeasty and Yesty. Yessy?

I wasn’t clear what the bubbles were doing in this line at first – but then I thought some more about yeast and realized that when yeast is at work, it does create bubbles. Rising dough is full of bubbles. That’s why you knead dough, to bring it all back down to earth by bursting the bubbles.


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