His beard was as white as snow, All flaxen was his poll:

I wonder what would happen if the story Snow White was about a man whose beard was white as snow, rather than a young nubile woman whose skin was white as snow. I mean – Snow White, as we know it, is problematic for a whole lot of reasons – and I’m not generally a fan of taking women’s stories away from them…however – In this case…

What if this man with his snow white beard was called Snow White and he was the fairest in the land? What if all the princesses and maybe even the princes came from far and wide to admire him? What if his jealous step-father sent him into the woods to be murdered by a huntswoman? What if he were rescued by a group of lady dwarves who brought him in to cook and clean for him? What if he fell asleep from one bite of a poisoned apple and the dwarves put him in a glass coffin, just to admire him? And then he was kissed awake by a handsome prince or gorgeous princess? I don’t know. I’m curious what a world would be like if this was a story we told instead of the other one.

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