Conceit upon her father.

I very much want what Ophelia’s saying in the previous bit to NOT be a conceit upon her father. I want her to be trying like hell to communicate something to Claudius and I want him to understand it fully and excuse his understanding with this line.
I’m not sure I have justification for this – but her lines are so oblique and Claudius is trying so hard to make everything about Polonius that it feels like there has to be some underlying message passing between them.
This is where I might really go deep in a rehearsal process – I might come up with some story about Claudius having approached Ophelia in the past. Like, maybe, before he killed the King and married Gertrude, he tried to seduce her or he proposed or somehow secretly had a relationship with her. And they never talked about it again..but Claudius is afraid that it will come out – so he is assiduously defending against any other interpretation. This is why he declares “it springs all from her father’s death” because it definitely doesn’t. And he has no reason to protect Hamlet.

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