God be at your table!

Does it really make sense to have God over for dinner? I mean, he makes a big mess. He causes earthquakes and volcanoes and hurricanes and tsunamis. What do you think he’s going to do with your roast turkey? You think he’s going to pick at a drumstick and dab his lips with a napkin and say, “Oh, I’m stuffed. Thanks.”
No, he is likely to lay waste to your table. And what should you prepare for God? What does he like to eat at a feast? Do you think he’s like, “I’ll just have what she’s having?” I doubt it. You probably have to prepare some special sacrificial casserole or something. God isn’t going to drink the bottle of wine your Uncle Charlie brought. Nope. You’re going to have to head to the fancy wine story down the street and get some ancient shit from Mesopotamia or something.
So it may seem like a blessing to have God at your table…but it might be more like a curse.

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