The bark is ready and the wind at help, Th’associates tend, and everything is bent For England.

I haven’t had a band in a while but if I were to start one I’d call them Th’associates. I mean. Wow. Who are th’associates? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern? The sailors? It’s a very formal and weird way to say, “We’ve got some people to go with you.
I would NOT like to be The Associates. Partly because there has surely previously BEEN a band called The Associates and partly because it sounds CORPORATE in this day and age. But – Th’associates? So good. I mean. Not so good for people knowing how to say it – because I have seen many a person flummoxed by contractions like this. But…if we didn’t care…
Ladies and Gentlemen – Please Welcome to the Stage, Th’associates.

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