Therefore prepare thyself.

I don’t know why but 9 out of 10 of my anxiety dreams feature preparing myself to leave. In the dreams, I am trying to catch a train or a plane or a bus and somehow cannot gather my things into my suitcase fast enough. Sometimes I have to pack a whole apartment or room in a hurry and I know I will not make the plane or the train…but I cannot stop because I am not finished sorting my stuff. The drawers are all askew or there’s clothing everywhere or I’m trying to decide which book I can leave. But all all all in a hurry.

I had one of those dreams this morning, though it was a slightly different from than usual. I was on a bus…and somehow my things had come out of my bags and were under the floor mat, tucked into the seat…and still we were trying to make a train connection but my bag wouldn’t let me.

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