Hide fox, and all after.

This is thought to be a reference to a game like hide and seek.
If this is the case, this is the second reference to a game that Hamlet has made.

RULES for the Fox Hunt Game (as imagined by a theatre maker hundreds of years after the fact)

The group gathers together in a tight cluster. There is a moment of expectancy while everyone waits to find out who will be the fox and who the hounds. The person who feels called to will tag someone on the elbow and shout, “Hide fox, and all after.” And whomever is tagged is the fox and s/he must run quickly and hide. The hounds (everyone remaining) must count to 30 together before pursuing the fox in whichever direction s/he rain. The one to find the fox then chooses the next fox.
And so it goes until all are tired of the game.

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