What devil was’t That thus hath cozened you at hoodman-blind?

Rules for Hoodman Blind
As imagined by a 21st Century Geek

1) Find a hood. You can use a sack if you like – but make sure it’s empty of its contents. You’re going to put it over your head and you don’t want to accidentally breathe in onion skins or something..
2) Place it over your head. You may feel sort of creepy about it in this day and age – as the appalling torture in Abu Ghraib has more or less ruined hoods on the head for everyone else. But as long as you don’t tie off the bottom, you should be relatively torture free.
3) In a nice open area, like a field or a meadow, or even a parking lot or playground, set loose a group of people. The hood –man (that’s you, with the hood on) must try and tag someone else. If you are successful at tagging someone. You pull the hood off and shout: “The Hood Man sees!” and the place the hood on the tagged. And then the whole game begins again. The style of player will determine whether it is a quiet sneaky game or high speed run with lots of stumbling. Most players will attempt to fool or taunt the hood man … but don’t worry, the taunts are usually such that they get reckless and risky and you will be more likely to catch a taunter. Patience often wins the game.
4) The game is over when the last hood man tires of it and announces: “The Hood Man Is No More!”

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