For madness would not err, Nor sense to ecstacy was ne’er so thrilled But it reserved some quantity of choice To serve in such a difference.

Come on. I mean, come on.
Listen Guy who has been Pretending to be Mad.
You’re saying people in the middle of a mania, who cannot tell reality from illusion, who believe themselves to be Jesus or King George or believe themselves to be the subject on a (link to This American Life) Truman Show–like reality show experiment or who believe aliens are after them and dwelling inside you…you’ve saying these folks would never be so crazy as to choose the alive brother over the dead one? Because that’s the choice. Brother A (Hamlet, Sr.) is dead. You can’t have him except as a corpse and a memory or you can have Brother B (Claudius) who, sure, isn’t a war hero – and maybe (according to Hamlet) isn’t as handsome as his brother but he has several advantages over his brother.
# 1 He is alive.
# 2 He’s King
I think maybe Hamlet is thinking of his own (made up) madness wherein he’s perfectly capable of distinguishing all kinds of differences.


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