Of nothing.

One of the notes on this line references a “well-known” association of Shakespeare’s time for the word “Nothing,” It says it was a well-known euphemism for the vagina. Now. I’m not gonna quibble with an editor – but I would like some evidence for this “well-known” idea. I feel like I can get pretty deep into the weeds with scholarship –particularly bawdy scholarship – but this “well-known” euphemism is not known to me. An “O” I will accept and I can see how an “O” could lead quite neatly to nothing. O looking like ZERO, which equals nothing. Okay.
But maybe because I am possessed of an “O” or a “case” or a “pillicock –hill” or a “pie”, I am not at all keen on the “nothing” euphemism. Nothing? Really?


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