A thing, my lord?

Guildenstern says absolutely nothing this entire scene and he finally chooses to join in with THIS line? Wha?
It doesn’t SOUND like a line with a lot of significance and yet it must have some because not ONLY is it Guildenstern’s only line in the scene, it is the last one that either Rosencrantz or Guildenstern say in the scene (and not incidentally the last line Guildenstern says in the play.)
Whatever Guildenstern is doing here, he’s triggered Hamlet somehow – such that he decides to stop toying with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and just go see Claudius.

Is it a threat? Does it somehow align Guildenstern with the King? Guildenstern has made his allegiance clear in a previous scene – so maybe he’s stepping in to be the King’s muscle here? The line wants more than a casual repetition of what Hamlet said a moment before. What that more is, I don’t know. I think, if I were playing Guildenstern, I’d have to find it.

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