It will be laid to us, whose providence Should have kept short, restrained, and out of haunt This mad young man.

People are always trying to blame parents for their children’s behavior. Certainly, when children are young, this makes a LITTLE bit more sense. A LITTLE bit. Theoretically, there can be some controls on young children’s behavior, though not always. Once the child is grown, though, once the child is in his 30s, it might be time to stop blaming his parents for his actions. It may be that they did terrible things to him as a child that led him to do terrible things – but there are many people who had
terrible things done to them as children who don’t do terrible things. Likewise, there are people who do terrible things who had perfectly fine childhoods.
This speech here just feels like excuse making for the terrible thing he’s about to do…this idea that the blame will fall on him is pretty ludicrous.
And he’s the king. So what? Ain’t a chance it could touch him.

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