His liberty is full of threats to all, To you yourself, to us, to everyone.

Yeah. Not really. Really he is just a threat to Claudius at this stage. Though, in the end, he is not wrong – with all of the stuff that happens – the entire kingdom of Denmark does fall apart. But that’s not Hamlet’s fault so much as it is Claudius’.

1) He tries to have Hamlet killed by England – which backfires and kills Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.
2) He tries to have Hamlet killed with a poison pearl in his drink which backfires and kills Gertrude.
3) He tries to have Hamlet killed with an anointed sword (or rather he agrees to Laertes’ plan to have Hamlet killed this way) and while it technically works and it also backfires and kills Laertes.
So pretty much every death from here on out (with the exception of Ophelia’s and the King’s) is a result of trying to have Hamlet killed.
So really, it’s Claudius’ liberty that is the ultimate threat to all.
But also – I love this sentence. It’s so obviously meant to mask his own fear – the repetition of all and everyone – the way he hides himself in the royal we and in the middle of the list….it’s just a beautiful construction of a man trying to hide his true concern.

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