And do not spread the compost on the weeds To make them ranker.

The gardener in the black hat sneaks out at night under the cover of darkness. He twirls his mustache as he makes his way to his neighbors’ compost heap. The egg shells shine in the moonlight, showing him the way. He stirs the heap with his shovel a bit to find the richest compost below. From deep in the hill, he pulls out a shovel full and brings it over to the weeds that have sprung up around the flower beds. Tenderly, with great care, he tips bits of it around the weedlets, as if he were tucking children in for the night.
He repeats this action for the weeds ringing the vegetable garden and the berry patch. He is careful not to leave any obvious signs of his presence.
It is delicate work being a gardening villain.


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