Repent what’s past.

There’s not much in my past that I need to repent – at least as far as I know. When I look back and regret things, it’s almost always moments in which I said something dumb and slightly embarrassing. It’s like, “Why did I ask that exceptionally stupid question about Questlove?”
And it’s not worth going back in time to fix anything. It’s just a dumb thing I said one time in the past that just circles around to say to me, “Don’t get too high on that horse, cowboy. You’ve said some dumb things before.”
But I’m pretty sure I can stand firmly behind everything I’ve ever done – even if I no longer agree with my choices from the time.
But I’m a modern girl with no religion – I don’t really go in for judging things the church might want me to repent for. The church might want me to repent for all that sex outside of marriage or for helping my friend get that abortion she needed. The church might want me to repent for pleasuring myself or taking the lord’s name in vain. But goddamnit, I think masturbation is good for me! And everyone! Depending on which era of church, it might want me to repent for fighting for women’s rights or advocating for equality of all sorts. But given that none of the stuff that the church would accuse me of has anything to do with my belief system, I don’t really have any repenting to do.
Because I stand behind it all.

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