His form and cause conjoined, preaching to stones, Would make them capable.

It’s too bad that that’s not how this ghost chooses to spend his time. Like, if he were just out talking to stones – just being like, “Hey, stones – I’m a ghost. And I’m back from hell to tell you, this shit is real. Get to moving, fellas. It’s time for a stone dance. Let’s go.”
And instead of crying out for revenge and ruining, not only his son’s life, but his wife’s as well – not to mention destroying his entire kingdom – well, instead of doing all that, he could just make a bunch of stones VERY religious. And okay – even if he still wanted revenge on his brother for his murder, maybe he could just get those stones to take care of it. They rise up, become capable, and then off they go to bash Claudius’ head in. No other deaths required. Done. Clean. Efficient.

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