On him, on him!

The show today wasn’t our best. Partly because we were a little rusty. Partly because I was very much onstage to run sound and it’s generally not a GOOD idea to have the director on stage with improvising performers. I generally do my best to get out of the way – and when I’m off to the side, I don’t interfere – but from the close proximity we had today – it was so hard not to jump in. I wanted to refocus, re-organize, come up and shout, “No, no, no!” I wanted to aim audience eyes like a camera, “On him! On him!”
But, in fact, having me so close created some of those problems, because they cannot play for me or to me. They just have this whispering maniac making sound in their midst.
Now – months later, I see that I could have just leapt up and taken over. I could have played the role of director, as the director. That might have helped actually.


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