Look you now what follows.

You can never really be sure what will be next. You can think you know. You can assure yourself that things will continue just as they are but things never remain just as they are for long. You can try and predict and you can have reasonable odds on things – but you can never be entirely sure.

I assume that the high of travelling abroad will fade soon and that I will slip into a sadness, and helplessness at just about the moment that the season finally turns over. But it’s possible that this shift is actually more long lasting than my usual shift. It’s possible that this trip pushed the re-set button – and I’m bounced back to the lighter self I was ten years ago – before I slipped into the darkness of graduate school and the upending worldview shift that made me wonder if there was any hope or meaning or point or whatever.

It’s possible that the sands in that hourglass made it all the way to the other side and now the whole things been tipped over again. I can only hope, I suppose. We will see what follows. Look. What follows?


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