This was your husband.

Something I didn’t really draw on when I played Gertrude (age, 22) was her grief. She may have married her husband’s brother but that doesn’t preclude the feeling of the loss of her partner of many years. This is a woman who has lost someone who loved her deeply (if the ghost’s language about her is any indication.) She has lost a man who she raised her son with, who she ran a country with, a man who (if Hamlet’s description is any indication) was handsome, a man who would defend her against the wind (if Hamlet’s account is any indication.) What was Gertrude’s grieving like? She may have re-married just to push it aside. Maybe all portraits of the previous king have come down. Maybe she hasn’t seen an image of his face since his funeral. And then her punk-ass insensitive son, who has just killed a state official, shows her a picture.
If I were playing Gertrude now, I’d probably burst into tears when I saw his face.


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