You go not till I set you up a glass Where you may see the inmost part of you.

This is the much more useful (and also more terrifying) mirror as compared to Snow White’s stepmother’s mirror that can only tell you who is the fairest. Which is absolutely useless information. And bound to be inaccurate. There is no such thing as The Fairest. There is no Objective beauty that can be calculated and delivered. And even if there was objective beauty, it would be horribly useless to know.

I hate this fairy tale now. I loved it as child. But I see now how insidious it is. It sets up a reality in which the only value of women is their beauty and then proceeds to give us a woman who is only ambitious for being the most beautiful.

It’s really fucked up. Especially as the mirror is usually depicted and experienced as male. So it’s not even the judgment of the Queen herself as to her beauty – it’s whether the male gaze of the mirror still finds her the most attractive. Puke.

Anyway – that mirror is useless. But this mirror Hamlet is proposing would be very interesting to have around. It could reveal your actual biological insides – which, while gross, could be interesting and useful for diagnosing disease. It could reveal your secrets – even the ones you keep from yourself. It becomes this extraordinary tool of self-knowledge where you see your real motivations, your real obstacles, your real limitations as well as your real talents.
Fuck being Fair.
Let’s get this inmost part of you mirror.


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