But In our circumstance and course of thought, ‘Tis heavy with him.

We’re still talking about Hamlet Sr, right? We haven’t switched to Claudius yet? Because him could be either him.
I’m not entirely clear what our circumstance and course of thought actually is. Who is “Our”?
I can try and make this mean something like “on further thought” or “now that I think about it, the weight on my Dad is definitely pretty heavy – now I’m remembering all the sulphorous and fiery and flames and what not.”

But I’m not entirely sure that this is what’s actually going on.
Is the air a royal air?
A reference to what’s just happened with the Mousetrap?
If so, it would seem to point to Claudius’ heaviness, not Hamlet Sr’s.
Things are heavy with both kings, it would seem. That’s probably part of the deal of being king – things are heavy with him always.


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