And how his audit stands, who knows save heaven?

I assume he means his father’s spiritual audit. And not his father’s financial audit. But he must have a SMALL sense of how his father’s audit stands because his father has told him that he’s enjoying some flames to purge away his sins – so it’s not a clean bill of soul health. If I were Hamlet, I’d be pretty curious about what my dad did that merited the tormenting flames treatment.

It’s funny to call it an audit. It makes me think of the soul audit as an excel document. St Peter – or some middle manager officer – comes along with his empty spreadsheet and gives the dead man a soul once over. He puts a mark in each column for each sin – and some columns are more heavily weighted than others. The auditor takes a look at the whole picture and then decides the final equation.
X number of sins = X number of tormenting flames.


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