Will you play upon this pipe?

I’d love for more social interactions to feature this exchange. You’re hanging at the coffee shop with your colleagues, maybe having a meeting – then you just pull out this pipe and ask, “Will you play upon this pipe?”
Or at a job interview, you could just offer up a pipe to play.
I’d do it. I don’t what that says about me. But if someone in a job interview asked me to play upon a pipe, I would.
Or you could have a pipe in your pocket when you go to visit the Senior Center.
Children, of course, will instantly play upon a pipe or absolutely anything else, if they’re interested.
When buying airline tickets, at sporting events, at the dry cleaners (why have I chosen all the things that I don’t actually do? Except airline tickets. I do buy those sometimes but always on-line.)
I guess I’d just like to see a random bit of pipe playing interrupt just about anything. . .but especially the more privileged worlds where everyone takes themselves so seriously.


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