I do not well understand that.

After years of pushing against lousy leadership, it is baffling to be around excellent leadership. Baffling – and then – I can’t understand why everyone doesn’t do it.

I just got asked to join the planning team for a Shakespeare program because the Leadership understood that I could offer a perspective that almost no one else could provide. That I have been sitting around un-utilized in this capacity for some time is one thing – but the simple gesture of looking around and seeing a need to get multiple perspectives on something and then doing something about it? Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Also, the way honesty is so startling and refreshing – and that atmosphere of honesty radiates outward and creates an atmosphere so pleasant to work in, I don’t even care if they’re paying me. And I really need money. I’ve had to become incredibly mercenary in my work – and suddenly I don’t care?
Why doesn’t everyone lead this way?
This leader, she’s fearless, I think. She just doesn’t seem to worry about what anyone else thinks. She just does what she thinks is right and asks for the same from her team.
Why doesn’t everyone lead this way?
I don’t well understand that, not really.
It does seem simple on some level – while being very remarkable and unusual.

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