O wonderful son, that can so ‘stonish a mother!

Can’t every son ‘stonish his mother? Isn’t that just how parenting works sometimes? First, simply by being born. That is amazing in and of itself.
My friend came to town with her husband and baby boy. Over dumplings on the Upper West Side, she marveled at her son and then marveled at her own marveling. She was simultaneously convinced that her boy was the most admirable baby in the world and aware that every parent is built to feel this way about their child. She knew it was unremarkable to find her son so remarkable but found him remarkable nonetheless.
As we grow, we likely become less astonishing, less surprising or amazing to our parents – or maybe, sometimes, we continue to astonish, to amaze – simply by continuing to exist as someone’s child, someone’s remarkable baby, all grown up.


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