Then thus she says: your behavior hath struck her into amazement and admiration.

I fail to understand exactly what Hamlet has done from his mother’s perspective. He’s not guiltless, certainly. He orchestrated that whole show with the distinct purpose of upsetting his uncle – but Gertrude very likely doesn’t know that. Why would she blame Hamlet for Claudius’ response to a work of art? Would she blame him for his uncle’s distress at watching a ballet or looking at a painting? What exactly is this behavior that the Queen is so astonished by? Being giddy and enthusiastic at a show? 

Flirting with Ophelia? 

Talking during a play? 

I mean, that IS bad behavior. If I have students who talk through a show, I might have a chat with them about their behavior. I suspect, though, that this is not what Gertrude is upset about.

But what?

But what?


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