The king rises.

The café I’m sitting in is playing Duran Duran’s “Union of the Snake” – a band and a song that I loved in my tween years. Even then, I understood that there was some sort of double entendre going on but it was obscured enough that it didn’t make me uncomfortable. Instead, I found it intriguing.
I think I got that the snake was probably a metaphor for a penis but it didn’t HAVE to be and that made all the difference.
There were references to “your body” and some singing that was full of yearning – so I understood there was some potential in this song. In retrospect, I think that was a huge part of the appeal of this band for me. There was the promise of sex with a mythical veil of over it – which made it both strange and interestingly dangerous.
Even listening to this song now – I’m not exactly sure what they’re talking about. It’s not quite double entendre. It’s like suggestive without being a direct metaphor.

All that to say this this line is definitely NOT meant to be a double entendre. But it’s fun to read it that way anyway.


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