You shall see anon how the murderer gets the love of Gonzago’s wife.

If the dumbshow is any indication, he does it with gifts. I suspect that this is not how Claudius managed it with Gertrude. What gift could he possibly have given her that she didn’t already posses or have a way to procure?
I suspect that the appeal was probably more in the charm and attentions category. Claudius is real good with words, he could probably turn a lady’s heart with those. Or maybe he offered her sexual chemistry. That can be hard to resist.
Or – perhaps – he offered her more of a role in government, more political power, more of a say. After years of watching and not doing, I might find that sufficiently seductive.
The gifts may not have been of the material kind. I don’t think Gertrude would be bought with sapphires. But the gifts of sex, or power, or attention, or authority?
Those might do the trick.


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