I could interpret between you and your love, I could see the puppets dallying.

I’ve worked with a lot of puppeteers and a lot of puppets over the years. One thing that unites them all is that sooner or later, there will be some playing around with the puppets. No matter the puppet, or the puppets’ purpose, it is very likely that there will be puppet sex. I’ve seen hand puppet sex, marionette sex, bunraku sex, shadow puppet sex, rod puppet sex and lots of inter-puppet species sex. Puppets don’t care if one is a marionette and the other is a bunraku style puppet. They will find a way to hump one another no matter the restrictions.

Which is why, when, in a show, the decision to have the puppets do it never shocks me. The writing has to be good, or justified story-wise. It’s just not enough to have two wacky puppets going at it. I’d need more than just the humping to be interested. I’d need the puppet courtship, the puppet foreplay, the puppet post-coital cigarette, the puppet break-up, I’ve seen a lot of puppet dalliances. I need good ones to stand out from the crowd.


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