Our withers are unwrung.

I totally thought withers were the same as udders. That made it a funny image to use for a couple of men. I thought it’d be funny for women, too – because we don’t have “withers” either. But – to jump both species AND gender seemed especially bold. Only a lady cow would have withers just like only a boy cow (AKA bull) would have a cowdong or bull balls. It’d be like if I were talking to my stepmother and was like – “Our bull balls aren’t bothered.” I can see maybe saying, “Don’t go busting our balls.” But the extra mile of referring to animal balls is especially far fetched.

And then I found out that withers are a completely different part of the body. Doh!

But aside from all of that – “our withers are unwrung” just sounds good. It is a beautifully musical phrase.


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