Let the galled jade wince.

I see – it’s the galled jade who doesn’t have a free soul. And the implication is that Claudius is like the galled jade. But worse. Cause he’s a murderer not a whore.
It’s funny to choose a galled jade, though because of all the “sinners” – a harlot is probably the least likely to feel shame about her “sin.” I mean, cause if she’s a whore:

A) It’s her job not something she does against anyone else. It’s just how she has to earn a damn living

B) because it’s her job, she’s bound to be pretty inured to the shows men put on in front of her on a daily basis.

I’d guess your average sex-worker sees more shows than your average person. She’s probably trained herself not to wince in the face of awkward performances. Why, awkward performances are very likely her stock and trade! I’m not sure what would make a jade wince but knavery would likely not be it.

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